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Shugo Chara Stamp
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Welcome the shugocharastamp, the LiveJournal stamp community for the series "Shugo Chara". Join and find out what of the characters of the show you are most like.

You must be a member to apply.
Even if you haven't been stamped yet, you can still vote on other applications.
VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! If you vote for others, others will vote for you!
Put "UNLOCK", in your subject line or you won't get stamped.
In order to be stamped, you need 5 votes or more. Or, if a week as passed, you must have at least 3 votes to get stamped.
No bashing! That goes for people and characters.
Please bold your votes.
All entries must under a lj-cut
Promote the community if you can! And keep voting even if you've already been stamped. Please, don't let the community die just because you've already been stamped.
You can reapply again. Who knows, you might be seen as one person one month and someone entirely different the next.
If you have any questions, then send a message to eternaldarkaria

Hinamori Amu
Hoshina Utau
Mashiro Rima
Yuiki Yaya
Lulu de Morcerf Yamanto
Fujisaki Nagihiko/Nadeshiko
Hotori Tadase
Sanjou Kairi
Soma Kukai
Tsukiyomi Ikuto

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